There was a little theme to my crafting…

It’s been a little sad and quiet with the loss of Fifi. A little brown hen can leave a big hole in the household when she goes.
Nevertheless, Mum was visiting and I had a few days off – actual, proper days of holiday! So I decided to spend quality time with Mrs Higgins, my 1959 machine (named for her first and only other owner). I did learn to sew when I was growing up and I periodically ventured near a machine over the years. So I could always sew, so to speak. However, I’ve not been terribly consistent. Mrs Higgins is a brilliant incentive. I’ve always found new machines, despite all their whizzbang gadgets and settings, a bit soulless. Mum sews brilliantly on her antique treadle machine and I’d been coveting a machine like that for ages. Mrs Higgins is considerably more modern, of course, but she’s beautiful.

Quality time with Mrs Higgins (because every sewing machine should have a name)

I also had a stash of Doctor Who fabric from Spoonflower! I made a project bag for my sock knitting.

Perfect to keep the needles and yarn

It’s not perfect – Mrs Higgins likes to take corners fast and reckless. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) I was a bit spiffier on the bedlinen front.

Sleeping comfortably in Time and Space

Yes, I may be overdoing that slightly… I don’t really care!

On the knitting front, I finished my Ood socks.

Oodles of Ood socks

I’ve written up the pattern and have a buddy testing it out. There’s a little surprise on the back! No telling. But I’m really happy with how they turned out and I’m just crossing my fingers that my pattern writing is improving before I take the next big step.

I’ve also been adding to the Doctor’s Wife Sampler Shaw.

The Doctor’s Wife Sampler Shawl – still in progress

And, as a final note, I’ve been reading Jim C. Hines’ Libriomancer, which is great fun. How can you resist it when the hero wears a brown coat – with pockets that are bigger on the inside.



4 responses to “There was a little theme to my crafting…

  1. Dr Who fabric! To think it’s existed all this time and I didn’t know….there’s no such thing as too much of it.
    P.S Off to the library tomorrow to try to find that book, thanks!

  2. I’m really sorry about FiFi.

    Loving Mrs Higgins, she is a beauty!

  3. I am sad to hear about Fifi, I bet the Scot misses her too. Look at all your amazing blue Dr Whoness! I’ve called my machine Peggy, by the way, after my lovely step grandma who let me play on her old machine.

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