So Long and Thank You, Fifi

The oldest hen of the coop passed away on a dark and stormy night. She was sick for a couple of weeks and when Coco went, I think she’d had enough. Although, she did stay around long enough to be petted and spoiled and I think she was rather enjoying all the special treatment.

Fifi, the pluckiest of little brown hens

Fifi and Lola were my first hens. They’re back together again.

Fifi and Lola

Fifi was the pluckiest of little brown hens. Once when Fifi and Lola were spooked by a great big cat, Fifi took off into the air and flew right to the top of the roof. I spent a panicked hour trying to coax her back down after her exhausting flight. She was always the little hen who’d roll her eyes if only a hen could roll her eyes. She was a little granny, too, and everyone adored her.

So, the old gang is all gone. Just a little sad today…

The Gang


One response to “So Long and Thank You, Fifi

  1. *hugs* I’m sorry to hear about Fifi. When you’d said she’d been getting quiet after losing her feathery companion… yeah. 😦

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