Gone to the Country

I ran away. With the Scot. And a good pal and her four legged buddy.

Stereotypical tourist shot

Remember those weekend trips you’d take as a kid and the inevitable photo in front of a local statue? I tried to con the Scot into taking one, but he was more interested in the nearby stall selling homemade peanut butter!


The Scot adored his day out and revealed an uncanny ability to dodge cow pats.

King of the World!

But a moment after this shot… he was in the lake! We dried him off and he was off again for more adventure – his only major disappointments were being dragged away from a herd of geese and not getting to run up to the black and white cows he saw from the car window. He still smells just a bit whiffy, but since he dodged cow pats, I’m calling this a win!

I also spent a little (literally – that’s all I had!) quality time with Mrs Higgins, my gorgeous vintage sewing machine.


This project couldn’t be simpler. It’s from Spoonflower. And who doesn’t love instructions that end ‘Allons-y!’? The Scot appeared to approve.

Just a minute… I sewed up time and space!


2 responses to “Gone to the Country

  1. Looks like the Scot had a great time! Loving the touristy pic!!

  2. Country visits are all the rage! All the cool kids are doing it!

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