Food from the garden

The other day, I finally ate the spaghetti squash I grew. It had been sitting on the bench, smooth and yellow, for weeks. Okay, I only got one from the vine, which doesn’t say much for my spaghetti-squash-growing skills, but it was delicious! So I’ve just planted a few more new seeds.

Spaghetti squash for dinner

I did manage a much better crop of ‘Magic Dwarf Broccoli’. This was my first real broccoli success. Last time the bugs had a lovely meal instead. I steamed fresh heads of broccoli to eat with salmon and chicken. Then I spotted the idea for broccoli pesto. Best thing ever!

Magic Dwarf (Broccoli) Pesto

There’s a few recipes about. I went for a good dose of olive oil, pepper, salt, pine nuts and garlic with my remaining broccoli heads. After whizzing it up, it made a lovely, sharp pesto.

I’m now trying to grow Romanesco. I have spotted a tiny head that might be the Romanesco… or did I plant cauliflower and can’t remember now? Oops.


I’m blocking a pair of socks right now and look, another sock cast on already!

Chick Flick (Melanie Gibbons in ‘The Joy of Sox’)

There will be no second sock syndrome with this one… it, ah, is the second sock. I finished the first one about a year ago. Oops.


One response to “Food from the garden

  1. sigh. i try to grow things to eat and i just never seem to remember the tending part. im intrigued by the spaghetti squash, i’ve never seen one before! and brocolli as pesto is about the only way i’d voluntarily eat that evil weed i think! looking forward to seeing those very pretty coloured socks!

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