Farewell, Coco

Keeping the Scot in line

Coco was one of my quasi-rescue hens. She came from a big barn, her beak had been shockingly clipped, and she was destined for a commercial life. She came, instead, to a little suburbian backyard with her pal Mimi. Mimi died a couple of years ago, but Coco stayed on to rule the roost.

She died last night of old age. The last few days she’d been very still, quiet and sleepy. Fifi, my oldest, cosied up with her.

Coco and Fifi

And then she slipped away in her sleep. It was all so very peaceful.



3 responses to “Farewell, Coco

  1. I’m sorry đŸ˜¦
    She looked like a lovely healthy happy hen, how lucky she was to come and live with you (and have the Scot to keep in line!)

  2. im glad she went peacefully. but still, its sad. i love the names you give your chooks, by the way. so long coco and thanks for all the eggs.

  3. I’m so sorry. I’m glad she went peacefully.

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