Good Things Come From Big Balls… of yarn

Remember this?

Ach! Aye, a cozy ball to snuggle with.

A big ball of Vintage Purl Max… the size of the Scot’s head, in fact.

Now it looks like this.

Tinúviel – back view

Tinúviel – front detail

Tinúviel – front

It’s a mash up of Amelia and Rivendell. Amelia gave me the basic cardigan shape with ribbing that I could adapt for the Rivendell sock design. I also adjusted the cuffs a bit – they were knit on the smaller needles and I didn’t knit them quite as long. The ribbing was altered to a *p2, ktbl* and with a little math, I was able to work in the sock design on the front and back of the cardigan. What worked out especially brilliantly was that I could work the cuff of the sock, which has a kind of chain-link design, around the cardigan body, pulling it in a little more.
Rather pleased with this one. Which I’ve managed to finish just in time for Spring…


6 responses to “Good Things Come From Big Balls… of yarn

  1. What a gorgeous cardigan, and I love the color too. It looks much better than a ball of yarn!

  2. that is an AMAZING ball of yarn. and how magic is knitting, that you can turn it into such an amazing cardigan. really lovely work!

  3. (she said balls! Giggle!)

    But seriously, yay for a new lovely blue cardi!

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