The Knitted Preview

I’ve been away.

Seriously Girly Luggage (I know)

And since I’ve been back, things have been a bit… busy. So, just as a little teaser, here’s some knitting shots from the trip. First I went to London.

Beatrice at the Globe

Knitsch does some seriously great yarn, as you know. Shelley and I share a mutual love of Much Ado About Nothing and this translated into our greedy desire for Knitsch’s Beatrice. Since I was going to be at The Globe, it seemed logical to take Beatrice along. More on the Globe later.

Lunch at Pret

I met up with some friends the next day for lunch at Prêt. I know it’s a little sad, but I love Prêt – they do seriously good soup – and I’ve loved them even more since I noticed their pasta knitting print on the wall.

Then I went to Italy, where I was occupied teaching university students about flatulent ogres (really). I didn’t have a lot of time for knitting, but I did head to the Cinque Terre on the weekend and fell in love with the area. It was the perfect spot to continue working on the Evenstar Shawl.

Looking for Elves

On the return home, the unbelievable happened.

I was upgraded! To business!

Knitting in Business Class

I was a little shy about taking a photo of myself knitting in Business Class. I was getting enough odd looks for the knitting and the Wookie T-shirt I was wearing!

Anyway, more later.


One response to “The Knitted Preview

  1. I so love that you got to fly in business class. It is SO GOOD!

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