The Best Vintage Knitting Book Ever

I have to admit, the moment I saw this little vintage pattern book, I had to have it.

The happiest dog in the world.

How can you resist patterns for ‘coke glass jackets’ and compact covers, the headline “How’re you don’ toots?” and a little hat described, “Going our way, babe? Angelic little baby cap with plenty of know-how when it comes to that mow-’em-down technique. Add a tiny velvet bow and what you’ve got is a Heart Specialist and no mistake”? I wish I had had this pattern book as a teenager! (That isn’t as improbable as it sounds – as a teen, I listened to Herman’s Hermits, the  Monkees, the Rolling Stones and Cliff Richard and watched films like Casablanca, Notorious, How to Marry a Millionaire and Sabrina.)

Fingers have been chilly the last few nights, but I’ve been chained to the keyboard rather than my cardigan. Although the pattern mash up does seem to be working.

Cardigan in Progress

And that’s my ‘new’ camera! It’s a 60s brownie and is adorable. I just wish it was easier to find film for it! Still, I’ve been admiring these little bakelite gems for a while and found one just cheap enough to justify.


One response to “The Best Vintage Knitting Book Ever

  1. sigh. My grandmother had a brownie cam. a big old square one. I wish I’d been old enough to snag it when she passed away :/

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