The Happiest Sight Of All

We went on the Million Paws walk on the weekend. My friend said it was like being in a Disney film: dogs, as far as the eye could see. Big dogs, little dogs,  dogs with bows, dogs with drool, all friendly and tails wagging.

The cutest dog at the Million Paws Walk

The Scot had a splendid time, even though his little legs gave out towards the end. He met so many dogs!

Look! There’s other dogs like me!

Can I bring him home? Please????

I think, though, that the Scot has developed a passion for wolfhounds! But what a sweetie was that wolfhound? So gentle. We had a fantastic time with great weather and afterwards went for lunch with our dogs. Perfect.

In the meantime, I’m busy making vintage colour blocking plans. I need a new, compact wardrobe for a certain upcoming trip and plan to emulate the 60s. The pattern on the left isn’t strictly colour blocked, but I saw a similar pattern with the bodice ‘V’ made in a contrasting colour. I think it’ll be brilliant.

Vintage Colour Blocking

I’m almost finished another sock design too. I’m really excited about it!



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