Bringing Sexy Back

As I write this, the Scot is padding about the room whining. He can’t find a spot to bury his toy bone. By the time I finish this post, this will probably be a major international incident…

But in the meantime, I’ve been Doctor Who knitting again! This is a project I’ve been wanting to start for positively ages. I bought the pattern back at Knit Nation 2011 (eep) from One Hand Knits. It is, of course, the pattern for T.A.R.D.I.Socks. I went a little ninja at the Knit Nation market place because I only had a limited amount of time. This is one of the patterns I had on my ninja list.

Of course, having obtained the pattern, I was then on the hunt for the perfect yarn. I actually didn’t want to go too blue. I wanted something more of a tenth doctor T.A.R.D.I.S. Thankfully, Knitsch had ‘Deep Thought’ and on the confirmation of a certain enabling friend, I went ahead and bought my yarn.

And then things got busy. Drat.

But last night, I was tired and wanted something simple I could just follow and I really, really wanted to start these socks. So I did.

“What do you call me? Sexy.”

I already love these socks! The yarn is perfect – it is beyond perfect! The cabling goes all lovely and squishy and the semi-solid works those purled backgrounds. It looks dynamic. I went down a needle size, as I usually end up doing, and it’s fitting perfectly. I’m not going to kid myself though. This is a long term project. I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

It’s been cold and windy, so I also decided to break out my 1940s toaster and make toast.

That’s right. This is how a 1940s toaster TOASTS.

Wow! It takes seconds. This is full-on toast. And oddly more delicious than boring old regular toast from a 21st century pop-up toaster (which takes forever and never toasts evenly – I’m absolutely converted).

Now this is toast.

Okay, the Scot is on the horn to Switzerland. I’d best be going. I’m sure there’s an old towel that can serve as a hiding place…


One response to “Bringing Sexy Back

  1. Wow! That sock looks perfect in the yarn! So awesome!!! Like the fingernails too.

    And your toaster reminds me of cybermen and daleks. In a good way. How awesomely nifty! 🙂

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