A New Hat

“Honest, it’s like a tam. Scots wear tams. They’re cool.”

Yes, I suspect there are some things you shouldn’t do to your dog!

Nonetheless, I was feeling perky about finishing a hat-on-whim. I bought-on-whim a skein of Vintage Purls’ ‘Christabella’ in max and once that soft, squishy yarn (I love max!) was in my hands, I knew that it had to be a Rose Red, a pattern I’d been wanting to knit up for a long while.


I named my hat after another fairy tale heroine, my favourite, Viola. If you’ve never read her tale, you can find it here. Who doesn’t love a seamstress who greets the Prince: “Son of the king, good day! I know more than you, hey!” And you know what? She gets no comeuppance! She stands her ground right to the end. Plus there’s a kind ogre with flatulence issues.

Viola in repose

Rose Red really is a quite beautiful design.


3 responses to “A New Hat

  1. It is a gorgeous pattern, it looks really lovely in this colour yarn. Bring on the cold hat wearing days. For people, I mean!

  2. I’m quite fond of Rose Red myself!

  3. Poor Wee Davie! How could you?! A Scotsman should wear bold colours!

    That is a beautiful hat. So smooshy and lovely. I’m almost tempted to make one for me.

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