Half Way There and Other Developments

I’m now at the half way point of ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ shawl. Here is a very bad photo.

1/2 'The Doctor's Wife'

Well, I wasn’t going to give up all the secrets of the shawl at once now, was I? And I haven’t figured out the whole blocking a WIP thing. Let’s just leave all that to the end.

In the meantime, the yarn has been drying and I’m really happy with the purple carrot dyeing process.

Drying the carrot yarn

All dry

The darker is the first batch, an 8 ply. The lighter is the second batch which I whipped up before heading off to an early meeting. I decided there was at least one batch left in my dye, so I refrigerated it overnight and added a little water in the morning to produce a lilac on some 4 ply I had soaking in alum the day before. I like the lighter shade best.

I’m now just slightly obsessed with the idea of trying out more vegetables and vegetable matter. I’ve been reading about walnut husks producing a gorgeous dark brown, but to get the husks, you really need to find a walnut farm. Anyone know of a handy walnut orchard?

I also finally found my perfect vintage toaster.

1940s toaster

It’s straight from the 1940s and in excellent condition. And, of course, it works!

Very toasty

In fact, it’s hot. The heat just radiates from the little appliance. It won’t be my every day toaster, but it will be perfect for lazy weekends and crumpets.


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