My Little Obsession With Purple Carrots

I have a wee fixation with purple carrots. Actually, I have a fixation with purple food in general.

Cross section of a purple carrot

But as I was stirring my latest purple hued dinner concoction, I thought… I wonder if you can dye yarn with carrots?

Turns out, you can.

Double double toil and trouble

I used this site as my guide.

Yarn in a bucket

This first attempt was actually pretty much stress free. I’m learning, but for a first attempt, I’m pretty pleased. I also discovered that I have a natural talent for correctly guessing when I have 100g of yarn. Really.

Purple in the sunlight

The yarn is still drying and I’m not sure I’ve truly achieved colour fastness, but it’s lovely and I have a second lot of yarn soaking in the alum solution ready to dye tomorrow.

Incidentally, the Scot turned two! He had cake (purple carrot cupcakes!) and presents, some of which arrived in the post. It was all exciting!

Second birthday



One response to “My Little Obsession With Purple Carrots

  1. That is SO COOL! What a great shade of purple! And purple carrot cupcakes! Love it! Must look out for some purple carrots at the shops!

    Happy birthday to Wee Davie!

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