I came down with a whim

It’s Easter and it’s my birthday, too. Both seemed to be good reasons to celebrate by indulging a whim.

I was looking through Tiny Owl Knits and, wow, have I a developed a bad crush on her design aesthetic?! I had encountered Rose Red‘s sexy puffs on her blog, so I knew the Beekeeper’s Quilt was out there. However, as I procrastinated one evening, I hit upon all the Tiny Owl Knits patterns together and it was just too overwhelming!

I straightaway bought and downloaded Orchids & Fairylights. Since I happened to have just under a ball of Malabrigo in Ravelry Red left over from Amy Pond’s scarf, that impulse purchase practically smacked of logic.

And, at the tail end of Easter?

An Orchids & Fairylights hat

I can not tell you how much I love bobbles. Here’s a close up.

Bobble View

It’s a slightly fiddly hat to knit, since it has both cables and bobbles, but the effort is completely worth it. It’s tremendously snug, too. With just the right amount of slouch.

Plus, it goes with the kitchen canisters Mum gave me.

Vintage Canisters

I have the full set! They’re glorious things.

Speaking of the kitchen, I made my favourite mushroom risotto soup. It’s one that I reverse engineered from a soup I had at Pret years ago.

Purple Soup!

Remember that blue soup incident from Bridget Jones’ Diary? No, this wasn’t as bad. This is all about using purple carrots!

Thankfully, my fiendish plans to get pizza delivered on my birthday also worked out (I live just out of the delivery range of Crust, which does gluten free pizza). So, there was the Scot, myself, pizza, and a marathon of The Princess Bride and Firefly.

Mmmmmm... pizza

Who needs a big party when you have that lined up?


One response to “I came down with a whim

  1. Mmmm pizza…now I want pizza for dinner!
    Happy birthday! What better way to celebrate than by knitting a new hat with ravelry red malabrigo! Can’t get much better than that!

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