Do I Really Knit Too Much Doctor Who?

Amy Pond Scarf

I finished my Amy Pond scarf. It’s knitted in Malabrigo Ravelry Red and is so squishy! I love it. Amy Pond has rocked some seriously wonderful red scarves and I do have plans to knit another, but this was a fun knit for when my brain was on autopilot. It was also lovely to pick up and work on during a chilly evening. Most of all, oddly, I loved adding the fringe. I am now resisting the urge to fringe everything I knit!

I’ve added a little to the pile of stash, too.

The William, Knitsch

Look at that purple! It’s Knitsch yarn, called The William. When I unwrapped it (it was sent by a rather fantastic NZer), I immediately hugged it. I kind of wanted to marry it. I made jokes about whether the invitations should feature ‘Spike’ or ‘William’. And you kind of have to be a Buffy fan to get that reference.

Lawan, Vintage Purl

I also went a little crazy and bought a sweater’s worth of Vintage Purl Max. But could you resist that colour?? And do you know how much fun it is to hold a sweater’s worth of squishy yarn in one hand? Or how much I’m looking forward to the big ball of yarn it’ll wind into?

Of course, now I have to figure out which sweater to make. I’m technically a little short for the Gnarled Oak Cardigan, which is the cardigan I really want to knit. I have visions of a dark midnight wood. But the yarn is a slightly different weight… and… well, it all involves math and potentially swatching…

Which is hard to think about when all you really want to do is play with a big ball of yarn.


2 responses to “Do I Really Knit Too Much Doctor Who?

  1. Mmmm, that ravelry red is just perfect isn’t it!

    Not unlike that blue! SUCH a good colour! Such a huge skein! Maybe you could do the gnarled oak cardi with shorter sleeves? Would that help?

  2. I don’t think it is possible to knit too much doctor who! I’m making a Tom Baker Scarf right now. Heehehe…Amy Pond ought to be next. She’s my favourite companion (even if Matt Smith does play the Doctor as if he has brain damage).

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