Sometimes it’s hard to photograph socks

Falling Star (Yvaine)

Some socks are harder to photograph than other socks. I finished my pair of socks (own design) in Vintage Purl Sock (so soft!). I love them. They turned out so elegant – just what I was looking for! Only… that photo above isn’t all that elegant, is it?

Back Detail

Still not very elegant. The sock is very plain on the front, except for the band of ‘starlight’ just under the cuff. But down the back, you can see the star falling into an art deco valley on the heel.

Gusset Detail

Still not elegant. But you can see the gusset has been worked with a bit more art deco inspired trickery. It’s really simple *p2, ktb* stuff, but I like how the effect turned out.

Next I need to find a sock model. Self-photographing socks with back detail just doesn’t work!


One response to “Sometimes it’s hard to photograph socks

  1. They do look to be beautiful socks! I often think my neighbours would think I am nits if they could see me trying to photograph socks on my feet!

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