Seeking Adventure and Plunder

I went on an adventure to the Camberwell Sunday Markets. I can’t believe I’ve never been before. It’s great. Lots of variety in the stalls with everything from old Sunbeam mix masters (I very nearly ran away with one, but it was white and I really want one of the coloured ones) to old dresses to old records to old… okay, you’ve gathered that it’s a place for vintage wares.

Basically, I went because I heard about Cloth & Company. While her stock of vintage fabric was a bit low, there was still plenty for me to scramble through and I picked up some odds and ends and…

Don’t laugh or pull faces.

I know this 70s corduroy is incredibly bright.

Camberwell Plunder

But I couldn’t resist it. I plan to whip it up as a winter skirt, one designed to make me grin and others reach for their shades. There were also patterns and I like the cute yokes on these skirts. It’s really hard to find interesting skirt patterns. I picked up a whole host of buttons elsewhere, but aren’t those blue buttons with the white ‘frames’ glorious? They remind me of something a 60s stewardess might have on her uniform.

All in all, a good morning.


2 responses to “Seeking Adventure and Plunder

  1. I love that fabric – it will make a totally groovy winter skirt! Hope you will wear it with White platform boots, to increase the need for those sunglasses!

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