Partial Materialisation

When life gives you lemons, do you make lemonade? I think I do.

I was knitting away happily on my ‘Doctor’s Wife’. The Late Late Show had just finished and I was wrapping the shawl up to put out of the reach of certain Paws-Which -Shall-Remain-Nameless. That’s when I noticed something on the edging. One of the TARDISes had only partially materialised…

Partial Materialisation

It’s a bit difficult to see on the unblocked version, but between the twisty timey wimey cables, there’s the TARDIS light… and that’s all. The body of the TARDIS simply didn’t materialise.


Now, at this point, someone more perfectionist than myself would rip back and correct that.

I’m not a perfectionist.

I see a story point.

Somewhere on my ‘Doctor’s Wife’, a TARDIS has only partially materialised and that spells ‘awesome adventure in which the TARDIS only partially materialises’!! I think the Silence is behind it. Maybe the Ood?

(Yes, I could still rip back, but you know all that Time Lord lore. I could rip a hole in the fabric of the universe if I doubled back in my own knitting timeline! You wouldn’t want that, would you? There’d be Reapers and everything.)


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