Giving Yarn Instead Of Flowers

The Scot Smells The Scrumptious

Over the past year, I’ve been back and forth to that place with the doctors and nurses. It’s nothing life threatening, but I’m getting a little weary of the whole process – particularly the leaving in stitches thing – and was saying to Shelley that Mum and I had decided getting yarn is much more fun than getting flowers when you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself. Shelley agreed. In fact, Shelley is a gem and sent me something scrumptious I’d been hearing about on Twitter, thanks to following Knitsch.

The Scot agrees that smelling the scrumptiousness is more delightful than smelling flowers. Although, he does like smelling flowers. When we go for a walk, he’s always stopping to smell the lavender, the geraniums, the daisies…. he smells other stuff too, but we won’t go there.

We’ll just say that fyberspates’ ‘scrumptious’ is all it’s been cracked up to be. We love it. Especially our lovely teal.


2 responses to “Giving Yarn Instead Of Flowers

  1. Oh, I agree entirely! If you have to go to that place and come home with the wrong sort of stitches (ie in your body, rather than on your knitting sticks) then yarn is totally deserved and also better than flowers! Especially that sCrumptious!

  2. It’s just so scrumptious, and beautiful…

    Glad it cheered you up!

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