50s Kitsch

It’s no secret I love vintage. If it’s a choice between a new appliance or a 1920s appliance, of course I’m going to choose the 1920s appliance. Just recently I’ve been clapping myself on the back for getting vintage rotary egg beaters, which are not only brilliant at whipping up meringue, but also give you a bit of a work out.

So I thought I’d share with you a couple of recent vintage finds.

First, I’ve had a little obsession with sweater guards lately. They’re genius. As someone who has narrow shoulders, I always have a sweater hanging half off one side. It’s annoying. I’ve got a few sweater guards now, but these are my absolute favourite.

1950s Poodles

Aren’t they the most ridiculous, sweetest things? They make me smile whenever they’re on sweater guard duty.

Sweater Guard Duty

I also have a vintage house. I’m not living in the house yet, but that doesn’t stop me from planning for when I do live in the house. It’s a 1920s house, but a little 50s kitsch doesn’t hurt. I’ve got a blue bathtub. I’ve been planning a blue and pink, ridiculously girly bath decor. So when I saw these…

Shower Curtain Roses

They’re never before used deadstock. Pink roses from which I plan to hang blue and white polka dot shower curtains. When I find the right polka dots. I have time.




2 responses to “50s Kitsch

  1. Your not alone in your love for vintage goodies! Love what you found.

  2. Omg, you are the kitsch queen! Except for the extreme pinkness, love the shower roses!

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