Knit The Ood

I finished the first panel of my sampler shawl, ‘The Doctor’s Wife,’ and am now knitting a whole legion of the Ood.

Knitting Ood

Can you see the Ood? Just stare for a bit. When I saw the stitch pattern in Barbara Walker, I asked Shelley what she thought. She thought they might also be the Silence, which would account for the mistakes I keep making every few rows…

That, or I’m just really tired by the time I get back to knitting. I’m usually knitting to wind down at the end of the day with the Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. And if you haven’t, you should watch this. Really. It’s completely bonkers.

Incidentally, one of my favourite Ood moments occurred on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Dancing Ood. It’s brilliant. Here it is on YouTube. I love Catherine Tate. Not to mention Bernard Cribbins. Gosh I miss those actors on Doctor Who! Not that I don’t love the new gang, but… seriously… Donna remains my favourite companion.


2 responses to “Knit The Ood

  1. heh, i saw the Ood episode just the other day. they totally freak me out. i love your Dr inspired knitting!

  2. Nearly done with the baby commissions… looking forward to starting my test knit with my scrummy yarn. 🙂

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