Falling Stars

Falling Star (Yvaine) Preview

Weather: Stormy with a chance of triple rainbows

“There once was a young man who wished to gain his Heart’s Desire.” Thus begins Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

While I wasn’t actually about to run outside in pursuit of a falling star, like Tristran, I did want to capture the idea of falling stars in a sock. I think I might have juuuuust about succeeded. At least, success is close enough that I can grasp it and therefore can risk a preview of my design, probably without any chance of breaking a leg. (You’ll just have to read the story.)

And look – I have sock designs! Not published, true, but I’m inventing socks! It’s doodling stories in yarn instead of ink. My favourite designs to work with have always been inspired by stories. The elegant pattern of the Netherfield socks hints at whispered conversations between Jane and Bingley in the drawing room. Finding the right buttons for my Coraline sweater produced goose bumps and made me think I could hear mice making music. Putting up the hood of A Cardigan for Arwen always makes me smile mysteriously, thinking I might run into a tall, dark Ranger in need of a bath. The knitting absorbs the story. And when you wear it, the story lingers. You become a part of it… in a little way.

I’ve also moved here to WordPress. Remember how at the beginning of a school year you’d buy your stationery and everything would be pristine and new and full of possibility? Then as the year progressed, you’d scribble, smudge and graffiti your way through the notepads and folders? That’s how the old blog felt. It was full of scribble and smudges. It had been well lived in. I hankered for new pages to play with. So here I am.


One response to “Falling Stars

  1. Ooooh new sock design – you should write them up, you know!

    Nice new home. I should probably think about moving or even renovating…but I am a creature of habit, I’m afraid, heh!

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